SemiBin: Metagenomic Binning Using Siamese Neural Networks for short and long reads

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A dedicated semibin page with documentation is available at This page is just a summary.

SemiBin is a tool for metagenomic binning with deep learning, handles both short and long reads.

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If you use this software in a publication please cite:

Pan, S., Zhu, C., Zhao, XM. et al. A deep siamese neural network improves metagenome-assembled genomes in microbiome datasets across different environments. Nat Commun 13, 2326 (2022).

The self-supervised approach and the algorithms used for long-read datasets (as well as their benchmarking) are described in

Pan, S.; Zhao, XM; Coelho, LP. SemiBin2: self-supervised contrastive learning leads to better MAGs for short- and long-read sequencing in Bioinformatics

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