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April 6-9: Keystone Symposium Micropeptides: Biogenesis and Function


(No travel)


Jan 6-7 I was in Gotenburg, Sweden for the first meeting of the EMBARK project


June 20-24 2019 I was in San Francisco for ASM Microbe 2019

April 10-11 2019 I was in Chengdu (China), visiting the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

April 16-18 2019 I was in Utrecht (Netherlands) for the International Conference on One Health Antimicrobial Resistance (ICOHAR) talking about our dog microbiome work


Oct 4 2018 I was in Paris talking about single cell approaches

Sep 16-19 2018 I was in Heidelberg for the Human Microbiome Conference

June 26-29 2018: Ireland IHMC2018: International Human Microbiome Consortium

June 14 2018: I taught the Introduction to Python lecture at the Lisbon (Portugal) Machine Learning Summer School


Nov 22-24 2017 I was in Schwarzenber, Switzerland for the Autumn School "Machine Learning applied to Systems Biology". I also visited the University of Bern and presented my scientific work.

Oct 24-26 2017 I was in Copenhagen teaching people how to use ngless at the Microbiome data interpretation workshop (slides here) and giving a scientific talk on my work.

Sept 12-13 2017 I was in Delft 12-13** for a workshop on data-driven cell factory and community design

July 21-25 2017 I was in Prague for ECCB/ISMB 2017 with a poster on NGLess

July 20 2017 I was in Lisbon on July 20 for LxMLS 2017

July 9-13 2017 I was in Valencia for FEMS 2017

21-28 July 2016 I was in Lisbon for the 2016 edition of the Lisbon Machine Learning Summer School, presenting a tutorial on the first day

23-25 November 2016 I visited Zurich (Switzerland) for the course Machine learning for bioinformatics and computational biology

26-29 April 2016 I attended the Sloan Early Career Workshop on the Microbiology of the Built Environment in Chicago.

17 April 2016 I gave an invited keynote in Florence ate PYCON Sette

7 March 2016 I am now an Associate Editor of the Journal of Open Research Software

21-26 February 2016 I was New Orleans for the 2016 Ocean Sciences Meeting. I presented a poster on our metagenomics work and gave a talk on our environmental imaging work

22-25 August 2015 Visiting Tallinn (Estonia)

17 August 2015 The project ngless is now open source

16 July 2015 I taught at the Lisbon Machine Learning School

15-17 June 2015 I was in beautiful San Sebastian (Spain) for a software carpentry workshop (and some holiday time).

2 June 2015 I attended the Science of TARA Oceans conference in Paris

22 May 2015 Paper out in Science

March 31-April 2 2015 I attended the International Human Microbiome Congress (IHMC) in Luxembourg

March 31-April 2 2015 I attended the International Human Microbiome Congress (IHMC) in Luxembourg

March 2015 Paper accepted in Bioinformatics

February 2015 I was in Granada for the 2015 Aquatic Sciences Meeting, giving a talk on the 26th on our metagenomics work

November 2014 I was the lead organizer for a software carpentry workshop at EMBL.

October 22 2014 O'Reilly webcast on Penalised Regression in Python

September 2014 Keynote talk in Python San Sebastien [Online talk]

September 2014 Speaking at TCMM2014

July 2014 Progression (in which I played the character Luis) has been released at New Filmmakers in NYC. See the film at the Big Bear Film festival

July 2014 Speaking at Lisbon Machine Learning School (LxMLS) 2014.

July 2014 New paper: Pena et al., Trypanosoma brucei histone H1 inhibits RNA polymerase I transcription and is important for parasite fitness in vivo in Molecular Microbiology [DOI].

June 2014 I taught at a software carpentry workshop in Cyprus and Amman (Jordan).

April 2014 Traveling to University of Southern Denmark for a software carpentry bootcamp.

February 2014 I'm now a certified Software Carpentry instructor

January 2014 New publication: Kristoffer Forslund, Shinichi Sunagawa, Luis P. Coelho, Peer Bork, Metagenomic insights into the human gut resistome and the forces that shape it in Bioessays (2014). [DOI]

December 2013 New publication: Peter Liehl et al., Host-cell sensors for Plasmodium activate innate immunity against liver-stage infection in Nature Medicine 20, 47--53 (2014) [DOI]

November 2013 I attended the CFAR New York workshop

November 2013 I'm a member of the programme committee for DILS 2014 (10th International Conference on Data Integration in the Life Sciences)

October 2013 New publication: Shinichi Sunagawa et al., Metagenomic species profiling using universal phylogenetic marker genes in Nature Methods 10, 1196--1199 (2013) [Abstract] [DOI]

July 2013 I got a prize in the ICSB Computational Biology Wikipedia Competition for work on the Bioimage Informatics page

July 2013 My book Building Machine Learning Systems with Python is now published

July 2013 I posted a video abstract of my recent paper on subcellular location generalization

July 2013 I have a new paper out: Luis Pedro Coelho, Joshua D. Kangas, Armaghan Naik, Elvira Osuna-Highley, Estelle Glory-Afshar, Margaret Fuhrman, Ramanuja Simha, Peter B. Berget, Jonathan W. Jarvik, and Robert F. Murphy, Determining the subcellular location of new proteins from microscope images using local features in Bioinformatics, 2013 [Advanced Access]

May 2013 I started a research blog:

May 2013 My talk submission for BOSC (Bioinformatics Open Source Conference) about jug was accepted (it will be a lightning talk)

April 2013 I moved to EMBL, where I joined Peer Bork's group.

March 2013 I am part of the organizing committee for the 2013 edition of the Lisbon Machine Learning School

November 2012 I have a new manuscript up at the arXiv on my computer vision software, mahotas [Update in 2013: this is now a peer-reviewed journal paper]

September 2012 I am teaching two session of a Programming for Scientists Course at IMM.

May 2012 I am writing a book

January 2012 I am now based in Lisbon at IMM in Musa Mhlanga's lab.

November 2011 I start work as a postdoctoral researcher at Musa Mhlanga's lab.

October 2011 I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a PhD in computational biology!

September 2011 I was chosen as a 2012 Siebel Scholar

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