My Erdös-Bacon Number

My Erdös-Bacon number is 7.

Erdös Number

My Erdös Number is 4. The links are:

  1. Luis Pedro Coelho → Robert F. Murphy [Prof. Murphy was my PhD advisor and we have several papers together]
  2. Robert F. Murphy → Ziv Bar Joseph [MR2860072]
  3. Ziv Bar Joseph → Noga Alon [MR2779292]
  4. Noga Alon → Paul Erdös [MR818591]

I used the AMS Collaboration links tool, but inputting my name directly led to a longer link.

Bacon Number

My Bacon Number is 3.

The links are

  1. Luis Pedro Coelho → Lisa Ann Goldsmith in Progression
  2. Lisa Ann Goldsmith → Jonathan Tucker in The Next Three Days
  3. Jonathan Tucker → Kevin Bacon in Sleepers

I used the Oracle of Bacon site.

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