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A dedicated page with documentation is available at http://imread. This page is just a summary.

If you are using mahotas-imread in a scientific publication, please cite the mahotas paper (imread is an off-shoot and does not, currently, have its own paper):

Coelho, L.P. 2013. Mahotas: Open source software for scriptable computer vision. Journal of Open Research Software 1(1):e3, DOI:

This project is a spin off of mahotas (for reasons of maintainability, I felt it was better to not emcumber mahotas with all the IO code that imread contains).

This is a simple module, which has two main functions

reads an image from a file
saves an image to a file

It currently works on PNG, JPEG, and TIFF (including some TIFF variations such as STK or LSM).

Where can I get it?

Github as usual.