Reproducible Research

This is code for reproducing results in some of my published papers:

  1. Automatic Determination of NET Coverage Luis Pedro Coelho, Catarina Pato, Ana Friães, Ariane Neumann , Maren von Köckritz-Blickwede Mário Ramirez , João André Carriço, Automatic Determination of NET (Neutrophil Extracellular Traps) Coverage in Fluorescent Microscopy Images in Bioinformatics (2015), [DOI] [Request reprint].
  2. Local features for subcellular location determination for the paper Determining the subcellular location of new proteins from microscope images using local features by Luis Pedro Coelho, Joshua D. Kangas, Armaghan Naik, Elvira Osuna-Highley, Estelle Glory-Afshar, Margaret Fuhrman, Ramanuja Simha, Peter B. Berget, Jonathan W. Jarvik, and Robert F. Murphy (2013). Bioinformatics, [DOI]
  3. Cell Nuclear segmentation for the paper Luis Pedro Coelho, Aabid Shariff, and Robert F. Murphy; Nuclear segmentation in microscope cell images: A hand-segmented dataset and comparison of algorithms ISBI 2009 [online version]. Includes data.
  4. Dotted Suffix Trees for the paper Dotted suffix trees a structure for approximate text indexing by Luis Pedro Coelho and Arlindo L. Olveira, SPIRE 2006 [DOI Link]