SLIF is the Structured Literature Image Finder` (previously, *Subcellular Location Image Finder), which was project from the Murphy Lab, which I was a part of. It searches through scientific journals, looking for images, which it categorises, makes available, and (partially) analyses.

SLIF Pipeline

The figure above (from Coelho et al., 2010) is a diagram of the SLIF pipeline: figures are extracted from papers, broken up into panels & captions, which are then analysed to build navigavtion models.

In this project, I was responsible for the computer vision aspects of the processing pipeline. I also handled much of the integration effort of the several components and coordinated the preparation of the multi-author publications that resulted from the effort. This project was a finalist in the Elsevier Grand Challenge (4 teams out of 70 were chosen for the final). I represented our team in both the semi-final and the final of this competition.

The SLIF page on the Murphy Lab website many more details, including some historical information and presentation materials.


These are the most recent references, on which I was involved. The first paper focus most on the image analysis side of the pipeline, the second of the overall service.

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