Libertarian Welfare State

This is a book which will be called The Libertarian Welfare State. The major thesis is explained in the following quote from Hayek:

There is little reason why the government should not also play some role, or even take the intiative, in such areas as social insurance and education, or temporarily subsidize certain experimental developments. Our problem here is not so much the aims as the methods of government action.

It argues that a libertarian welfare state is not only more efficient, but morally superior as it treats the beneficiaries with greater respect.

It can be seen as a liberaltarian project, if you wish, but I rather just call it straight libertarian. Or we can start calling Hayek and Milton Friedman liberaltarians.

The book is continuously available on github

I will be using the twitter moniker @libwelfare for this project (in case you do not care to follow my other ramblings).